Liam Payne looks hella different in his latest Instagram pic

Fatherhood getting to ya, hun?

Cheryl and Liam Payne

by Polly Foreman |
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The arrival of little baby Chiam was HANDS DOWN the event of the year (sort of).

Liam Payne's edgy AF announcement was the cutest thing we've seen on Instagram in a long time, and we've been PINING for a hint toward the lil babba's name.

We haven’t yet been told, but that hasn't stopped new parents Liam and Cheryl from showing us a glimpse of parent life on their Instagrams.

Liam just uploaded a pic with the caption "Mask off ayy" coupled with a skull – and we couldn't help notice he looks kinda… different.

Clearly his followers think so too, as they chimed in with comments like "Legit thought this was David Beckham," "You are so different... its you?", "i thought this was a different person for 5 seconds", and "Look your face so tired".

Some commenters seemed a bit more concerned, with one saying: "IS THIS YOU OMFG".


This comes after Chezza opened up on fam life in her Instagram bio. Living in a love bubble" accompanied by a blue heart.

Literally, AWWW.

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