Hang on – who is this kissing Liam Payne?

They’re sticking their tongue in his ear!

Liam Payne

by Georgina Terry |
Published on

We are shocked, outraged and flabbergasted.

Liam Payne of that One Direction you may have heard of (LOL) has posted a snap of himself to Instagram BLATANTLY being tongued.

The person doing the tonguing is a hot beauty for sure, but we are surprised that Liam, who’s said to be heartbroken following his break-up with long-term girlfriend Sophia Smith - poor lamb, would go public with this smooch snap so soon.

Is he trying to show Sophia what she’s missing (shudder)?

Prove that he’s moved on?

Is he – oh look, we’re just being silly here. He’s being tongued by his dog, Watson.

We are BIG fans of Watson here at heat, and Watson, an incredibly good-looking Great Dane, is a very big dog.

Liam Payne was standing on the top of a step-ladder when he took this selfie. Probably.


Liam’s not bad looking either.

Sometimes we wish we were Watson.


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