Liam Payne’s latest Instagram’s got One Direction fans losing their shit

Oh, and Cheryl. Cute.

Liam Payne of One Direction

by Carl Smith |
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With One Direction's hiatus and Harry Styles' solo career apparently 'close' (AGH), we're bloody dying for another dose of 1D in our lives. So obviously Liam Payne's latest Instagram's got Directioners going what can only be described as batshit bananas.

Oh, and even probably-still-pregnant girlfriend Cheryl's given it a like. Adorable.

Yup - Big Payno's been hard at work in the studio for a while perfecting that upcoming debut solo album of his, and given that the boys can so much as sneeze and cause a TWITTER TSUNAMI everyone's struggling to cope.

After posying a pic of his brand-spankin'-new '1993' tattoo a couple of weeks back, Liam's shared a Boomerang straight from the studio with the caption 'Vibes.' Except said vibes are something only he (and the other fellas in there) can hear seeing as there's no sound.

It's basically torture. It's inhumane.

We're ready for ya, solo Payno.


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