Liam Payne just had an absolute MARE

Poor hun <3

Liam Payne

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Aside from the money, the glamour, the fame, and being literally one of the most desired people in the world, being Liam Payne sounds like a bit of a bloody nightmare.

Doing a simple thing like very slightly altering your social media handles can lead to more abuse than your average person would attract in a lifetime.

Seriously – we’d maybe understand (and join in with) an uproar if Liam had changed his name by deed poll to "die, One Direction, DIE," but he literally just went from @Real_Liam_Payne on Twitter and "FakeLiamPayne on Instagram to just LiamPayne on both.

Directioners went absolutely MENTAL, tweeting things like: "What the f*ck are you doing first a solo deal now changing usernames can you stop for a second because this is too much to handle,” and our personal favourite: "There's no more Fake Liam Payne. There's no more Real Liam Payne. There's just Liam Payne."

Deep :’(.

And things have gone from bad to worse.

Imagine, if you will, you’ve had a long and tiresome day - and you’re really looking forward to going home, lying in a heap on the sofa, eating Doritos and watching TV.

But you get home and your house is SWARMED BY ANTS.

We feel like crying just thinking about it.

But Liam found himself in this nightmarish scenario yesterday, and took to Twitter to share the news.

He posted: “Lol just when I thought I was going to watch tv on the sofa and my house has been overrun by an ants nest.”

We certainly wouldn’t be lolling in that situation.

But we imagine he got over it pretty sharpish, as he’s in the midst of preparing for his swanky new solo deal – the one that Simon Cowell is peeeeeved off about ‘cause it’s with his rival label Capitol Records.

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