Liam Payne uploads CROTCH-GRABBING selfie to Instagram and everyone loses their shit. Obv.

LIam Payne

by Aimee Jakes |
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We don't know if anyone's noticed, but since the birth of baby Chiam (er, fancy telling us the name anytime soon?) Liam Payne has been morphing into Harry Styles, with more edges than the ornament we aren't allowed to touch at our Nanna's house.

We give it five weeks before Liam steps out in a floral suit and fur pool sliders.

Case in point:

LIam Payne

'Gucci on my...' er what?! We have a few more questions, of course. Why didn't Liam Payne hang up his towel after his bath? Why is he grabbing his peen? Why is his jumper covered in monsters? Why does he look mega moody?

This comes just days after Liam posted an edgy AF selfie where fans initially mistook him for David Beckham (Chezza's always liked footballers) or the snap of his new tattoo which at first glance was homage to a Taylor Swift album, but we have never been good with numbers.

Though Chezza has yet to respond the the conspiracy theory that Liam Payne is morphing into ex bandmate Harry Styles, she did update her Instagram bio to 'Living in a love bubble', so we think she's okay with it.

Cheryls new instagram bubble

We are living in a love bubble too. We are surrounded by purple foil, Creme Eggs and the promise of a roast dinner later. Glorious.

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