So *this* is how Liam Payne takes a break from dad duties

Still no name for baby Chiam yet, though

Cheryl and Liam Payne

by Carl Smith |
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Liam Payne and Cheryl have been pretty bloody quiet on social media since announcing the birth of their first child last month. Understandable, given the fact Liam's been kept busy on nappy-changing duties.

But now Payno's made a return to Instagram, enjoying the sun like literally everybody else in the UK over the weekend (minus the packed-out parks and stench of barbeques in the air) by shooting some hoops.

It's almost as if he's, like, not even concerned we don't have a baby name yet. COME ON, MATE.

Liam posted his first pic since that announcement yesterday, looking all cas' in a beanie and shorts. Not gonna lie, we love the filter but we'd personally have gone for a Boomerang.

We do love a Boomerang.

The comments that ensued included a lot of 'DADDY's, a fair few 'DAD's and loads of fans asking when the hell his solo music's coming out.

One even questioned his ball skills, saying: "Am not really a basketball fan but that shot can't make it, love u still tho."

Oh alright, Michael Jordan.

Right, can we have the name now please? Getting a bit impatient here.


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