The Libertines gig was cancelled last minute due to a ‘medical emergency’

Fans waited for hours before hearing the news

The Libertines

by Hayley Kadrou |
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Last night in London, fans were left disappointed and, more importantly, concerned after a The Libertines’ gig was cancelled last minute due to a "medical emergency."

At the Electric Ballroom in Camdem, eager fans waited for over two hours for the band to take to the stage before finally being informed that the show was being "postponed” due to a “medical emergency.”

As of yet, no further details have been released as to what precisely the medical issue was, but have insisted thet "Peter is safe,"

Thier Facebook page stated:

"Ladies and gentlemen, the day is finally upon us... Thanks for all your comments and support for the new record already flooding in. If your copy hasn't arrived yet, it should land on your doorstep aaany moment. We can assure everyone that Peter is safe. Clearly this is a very private matter in many respects, but we also feel it necessary to let people know he is ok."

It was also announced this morning that a gig the band had scheduled for tonight in Manchester is also cancelled.

Pete Doherty

It's rumoured that front man Pete Doherty disappeared just before the set, and was no longer at the venue when the announcement was made.

Fans took to Twitter to speak of the news, many concerned over the welfare of Pete - who has had previous problems with herion and cocaine addictions.

One said: “If he relapsed then good on the man for trying. I've been there, done that. Immense pressure on him #prayforpete #thelibertines @libertines.”

The Can’t Stand Me Now singers reunited again last year after they originally split in 2004.

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