Lil Kim sparks Twitter FURY as she’s accused of ‘turning white’ with new look

The singer seems to have lightened her skin

lil kim before and after

by Emmeline Saunders |
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Lil Kim has sparked a Twitter storm today after appearing to have 'turned white' with a lighter skin tone, blonde hair and contact lenses to make her eyes look blue.

It came after she posted a collage of selfies all showing her dramatically different look, with loads of her Instagram fans expressing their confusion and disappointment.

Said one: "What the f*ck are you doin woman embrace your roots."

Another wrote: "Look like a demon."

But some were more positive, with one posting: "You are beautiful inside and out, always were, still are, always will be...we understand what you went through...I hope this hate doesn't really affect you."

Lil Kim, who has been in the music industry since 1995, when she rapped in front of Notorious B.I.G and scored herself a spot on his group Junior Mafia.

She also appeared on the 2001 hit Lady Marmalade, when she looked like this:

lil kim lady marmalade

After Kim's name started trending on Saturday, she posted a throwback picture of herself from the late '90s looking like this, and telling everyone to "suck a dick":

Seems fair.

She's not the only black artist to be accused of 'selling out' by pursuing a more Caucasian image – Beyonce is also periodically suspected of lightening her skin and bleaching her hair to look more 'white', while Michael Jackson's sister Latoya Jackson is thought to have lightened her skin over the years.

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