Has Lily Allen been telling PORKIES about being Sam Smith’s cousin?

We're confused too, Lily

Lily Allen

by Rosie Gizauskas |
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Who goes round fibbing that they’re cousins of famous types, eh? People like Jay Cartwright on The Inbetweeners, that’s who.

And in real life, those similar gobby “Jay” types in your primary school back in 1997 (this writer heard rumours that Abs from Five was related to a classmate. It was never proven to be true).

The Sun reports that Lily Allen may also be getting confused, accidentally on purpose, possibly, about who SHE’S related to.


    We thought that Lils and Sam Smith were cousins – she tweeted “Yes cuz” at Sam in January last year, but now Lily’s brother, Alfie Allen, seemed confused at the claims that Sam’s related to them. Er, what?

    “Sam is not my cousin. It’s absolute rubbish,” he told Time Out.

    “It’s a lie. I haven’t looked into it closely enough to see if it’s true but if it is, I’ve never heard about it and the only people who have ever mentioned it to me heard about it online.”

    The Time Out journalist then told Sam that Lily had referred to Sam as her cousin on Twitter, and Alfie got even more confused.

    “Oh. Maybe we are then,” he backtracked.

    “I like Sam Smith and his music, he’s great. But why did it only come out when Sam was famous? I don’t know. You’d have to ask Lily.”

    A rep told The Sun: “They are definitely not first cousins, Alfie is right about that. But they are something like third cousins.

    “It was only when Sam became famous that they put two and two together. They’re not close but they have met up and laughed about it since.”

    This is all sounding very Jay Cartwrightesque to us indeed.

    Lily's got a third nipple too. This bit's definitely true


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