A look back at Lindsay Lohan’s most hilarious and bizarre Twitter moments

Lindsay Lohan

by Georgia Foxwell |


Fewer things give us as much joy as Lindsay Lohan on Twitter. Remember that time she live tweeted during the Brexit referendum? Or when she posted that pic of her and Ron Weasley?

She's the social media gift that keeps on giving.

Her latest offerings to the Twittersphere have got us particularly excited, as not only is she apparently planning a #squadgoals trip to Mykonos with Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Beyoncé for her birthday, but Lindsay's also trying to get Emma Stone on board for a Mean Girls sequel.

Have all our Christmasses/birthdays/bat mitzvahs come at once?

In attempt to reunite the OG It Girl squad (laters, Taylor Swift and your wannabe girlgang compatriots), Lindsay reached out to old pals and Paris and Brit, inviting them to spend her birthday on the Greek Island. How very 2006.

She also invited Queen Bey to celebrate?! Now we don’t want to be presumptuous, but we are preeetty certain Bey might pass up on the generous offer what with her having given birth two humans less than a week ago.


To celebrate LiLo’s upcoming birthday (take a moment to process the fact she is going to be THIRTY ONE this year) we invite you join us on this throwback journey to take a look at some of her most iconic Tweets.

… but you can’t sit with us.

1. That time Lindsay Lohan asked what an Emma Stone was

After having asked Emma Stone to be in (her own fictional) re-make of Mean Girls 2, may we remind you of the time she had to ask Twitter what, exactly, an Emma Stone is.

LiLo Emma Stone


2. That time Lady GaGa thought Lindsay Lohan was going to perform some kind of peen surgery

Okay, this one wasn’t tweeted from LiLo herself but its waaaay too good to not include. TBT the time Gaga and Lindsay were hanging out at the Chateaux Marmot and THIS happened:


Considering cucumbers are 99% water if that isn’t commitment to the era of size 0, we don’t know what is. She has taking ordering off the menu to a whole new level and if it weren’t so ridiculous we would be impressed.

puts down cake

3. That time Lindsay Lohan took a customer service complaint a bit far

Now we know that she has a tendency so be slightly dramatic, but we believe that Lindsay REALLY needed to let the world know about the time she received some seriously dodgy customer service.

Lindsay Lohan

But Lindsay, bbe, are you sure you’re telling us the whole, or even half the story?

If you are, put it in the book hunny…

4. That time Lindsay Lohan threw shade at Amanda Bynes on Twitter

It’s time to talk of the inevitable. LiLo’s rocky relationship with the US Police Department. We didn’t want to talk about it, but it turns out, it’s pretty hard for it to not crop up.

Enter Lindsay’s MEAN MEAN tweet asking why on **earth **Amanda Bynes hadn’t received any punishment for her multiple DUI’s/car crashes/run ins with the police, and seems to insinuate it is some sort of bias on behalf of law enforcement toward Nickelodeon? LOLLLLLLLLL.

lindsay lohan amanda bynes

Where’s the comradery Lindz? Where’s the loyalty to your fellow troubled teen star? Join forces and rise up to strengthen laws against arresting and ankle tagging celebs… WHERE IS THE JUSTICE??

5. That time Lindsay Lohan asked Chanel for freebies

Which leads us on to this faaaabulous tweet where LiLo ACTUALLY asks Chanel, THE CHANEL on Twitter if they will decorate, embroider, stitch or weave a design on her ankle tag. No. She asks for STICKERS. Either LiLo has some serious sarcasm skills that are going under the radar, or she genuinely is this basic... either way, we are so glad this level of iconicness exists for the world to feast their eyes on…

LiLo Chanel

We can only pray that this actually happened, because it is like a beautiful piece of modern art.

When Lindsay live tweeted Brexit

In the most suprising twist of the whole Brexit campaign, LiLo decided to live tweet results night and posing some preeeetty tricky questions to the UK.

LiLo EU tweets


She didn't shy away from really getting stuck in to the nitty gritty economics of the political event.

LiLo EU tweets

She was prepared to ask the questions no one else dared.

LiLo EU tweets

Lindsay, why don't YOU tell US what she would think?

We love it when celebs get political, but when LiLo takes the wheel it gives us absolute life....you go Glen CoCo.


Lindsay grows only finer with age, like a wine or cheese. And Lindsay, if you’re out there somewhere, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts, may your entertainment value live long and prosper.

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