Lindsay Lohan on being late for her performance: ‘I flew past my understudy…I’m NEVER missing a show’

Lindsay Lohan says she will NEVER miss a performance of Speed the Plow after she raced past her understudy after getting stuck in traffic


by Selina Maycock |
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Since Speed the Plow opened at London’s Playhouse Theatre on 4th October, Lindsay Lohan has been (mostly) on track with her timekeeping, but speaking on tomorrow’s [25 October] The Jonathan Ross Show, the actress says there’s been one occasion when her understudy almost had to take over.

She was 10 minutes late, stuck in traffic and had an audience waiting for her, but Lindsay was so determined to step out on that stage that she almost continued the journey on foot.

Speaking on the BBC One chat show, Lindsay says: “I was actually panicking in the car. I was going to get out of the car but it would have looked silly to just run all the way up because my security guard would just kill me.

“I've tried to lose him a lot of times but it was a strange thing, because when you have someone in the show who is understudying for you and I see this girl outside just waiting, and there's me flying past her and she's like 'f**k' and I'm like, ‘This is my show, I'm never missing a show, that will never happen’.”

In theatre land you say break a leg, but here’s hoping Lindsay actually never does break anything, because if she did she’d probably still soldier on and perform in an actual plaster cast.

You can see the full interview on tomorrow’s The Jonathan Ross Show at 10pm on BBC1.

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