Lindsay Lohan responds to Arabic “donkey” Instagram abuse with erm, a photo of a bag

Not your average response, but then again Li-Lo is not your average celebrity


by Hannah Brimson |
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Hats off to Li-Lo
Hats off to Li-Lo

Unless you've been, like, hidden away under your duvet for a day, you'll be aware that Lindsay Lohan recently Instagrammed what she thought was a lovely inspirational Arabic quote meaning "you're beautiful." In actual fact, her millions of followers had already been on the case screengrabbing her mistake, and were very quick to tell her it actually means "donkey." Although Linds quickly deleted the picture, obviously the power of the Internet means nobody is safe....

Did Li-Lo nick this from James Blunt, we wonder?

Anyway, poor Lindsay has been getting an awful lot of flack for these donkey comments (we personally think donkeys are beautiful), which we kinda hoped she would just shake off. But no. Lindsay has just Instagrammed her response, trying to make out that the post was in reference to an inside joke with a friend to test her Arabic. In our humble opinion, this has just made the whole situation ten times worse by a) reminding us of it b) questioning when she in fact learned to speak Arabic and c) drawing more attention to it by posting up a BAG. Yep, she swiftly moved on to post a photo of this rather nice pink studded Valentino tote, which obviously makes no sense whatsoever.

Excuses, excuses...

Now, do any donkeys wanna buy Lindsay her lovely bag?

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