Ariana Grande and John Legend’s Beauty and the Beast duet’s blessed our ears

BLESSED them, we tell ya

Beauty and the Beast

by Carl Smith |
Published on

It's been our go-to shower song for twenty-odd years; but now Ariana Grande and John Legend have properly shown us up with their version of Beauty and the Beast for the film of the very same name.


The movie isn't even out till March 17th or something, but since they've been teasing it for bloody ages Ari and John thought they'd better chuck their track out before we all got bored and started demanding a Lady and the Tramp live action film instead.

Actually HOW GREAT WOULD THAT BE? Anyone got any contacts at Disney?

The track was originally released way back in 1991 by Celine Deon and some chap by the name of Paebo Bryson; and while it isn't drastically different (there's no David Guetta drop or anything ridiculous) it's SO GREAT. It's Disney. It's Ariana Grande. It's John Legend.

It's the dream, essentially.



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