Little Mix want their bodyshaming haterz to ‘sod off’


Little Mix

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Little Mix are so not here for anyone slagging off their bodies, FYI.

After five years in the spotlight, the girls have had their fair share of people saying they're too big, too small, too this, too that etc etc etc.

But they're over it. Little Mix talked about how they've learned to ignore comments about their weight.

Jesy spilled that her body confidence has changed dramatically since she won the X Factor with the rest of the girls in 2011: "When we first started we were so self-conscious…Now we have a really thick skin to it. We just ignore criticism now and I think 'if you don't like it, sod off,'", she told Femail.


This is how you handle the haters.

The girls also revealed that they can find it intimidating to go to the gym, especially when there are loads of men with massive muscles in there.

Luckily, when the girls are on tour they don't need to spend hours in the gym. Jesy called their dance routines "a full on HIIT class", which is fair enough.

Have you SEEN them move? Impressive.

The one problem with those routines? Jade says that the hair whips make their necks really sore the next day, and that they can't sit on the toilet if they've done too many squats.


Pez even talked about the past two years and the drama in her personal life, saying she's become so much stronger after going through that.

The girls were unveiling their first fitness range with USA pro, which is all cropped hoodies, mesh vests and panelled joggers.

We definitely don't get to the gym as much as we mean to, but we'd still shop this collection.


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