Are Little Mix getting their OWN documentary?

little mix

by Jadie Troy-Pryde |
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Little Mix have positively OWNED this year.

In the last few months, they’ve been dominating all of the headlines – including ours at heat.

Did you hear that they may or may not have dissed Zayn Malik LIVE on stage recently?

Or how Perrie Edwards said the HUGE break-up left her ‘homeless’?

Or that hilarious prank they played on a radio DJ when Leigh-Anne Pinnock stormed off mid interview?

OR when they taught Jonathon Ross how to twerk?

little mix


Well, we suggest you do the minute you’ve finished reading this.

But for now, we’ve got news that will send Little Mixers into a frenzy.

You ready?

Apparently, the girls are set to film a documentary to give everyone a bit more of an insight into their personalities and lives outside of the music biz.

And you all know we love a good old documentary.

Who remembers when MTV used to do that show, Diary, where they’d follow celebs around in their day-to-day lives and even if you hated them to begin with you felt like they were your bestie by the end?

It was the stuff of every noughties teenager’s dreams.

Jesy Nelson – who recently split with singer boyf Jake Roche – told the Daily Mirror: "We are in talks at the moment.

“We really want to do a documentary as we feel people do not know much about us.”

It’s expected to be filmed as a sort of fly-on-the-wall documentary and we’re immediately down with it.

Because we’re hoping it means we’ll see the girls sitting around in their pj’s, nattering about boys while scoffing pizza.

We’ll probs get to see Perrie doing her new agony aunt thing in real time. And it’s also been suggested that it’ll reveal everything about Jesy and Jake’s split.


Looks like we’ll need to get a shed load of popcorn in.

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