“I’ll be collecting unicorn money”: Myleene Klass has done a genius reply to the pushy mums requesting birthday present donations

Myleene: crusader for playground justice

Myleene Klass

by Rosie Gizauskas |
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Back in our day when it was your sixth birthday you got a Cadbury’s selection box, and that was that.

If you were going to a party of a kid with a particularly savvy mum then you might do a present-swap – so your poor mum only had to shell out for one present, and each kid got one back, like a secret Santa.

This writer was once sly enough to make sure she PERSONALLY got the Sparkle Eyes Barbie that her mum had picked out for the lucky dip. Oh, come on, we all did that kind of stuff, right?

Well, looks like things have changed. And Myleene Klass is the unlikely champion of sanity when it comes to spoiled kids and their equally bratty parents.

Myleene posted a letter she received from parents at her daughter Ava’s school – and an excellent response, too.

Here's the first letter:


And here's Myleene's sarky reply:


Yes, she did just take the absolute pee out of the other mums and suggest a “unicorn fund”, before directing them to a non-existent website.

Of course, it’s not the kids’ faults that their mums are tyrants – but nobody wants to be chased round the playground for a tenner by someone called Jane when A SELECTION BOX WILL CLEARLY SUFFICE.

And since when did kids start wanting Kindles and DESKS for their birthdays?! As if.

Myleene, you’re a warrior for the truth, and for fun, and for sense, and we have LOTS of newfound respect for you.

Ms Klass, we salute you.

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