Loose Women viewers are calling for Coleen Nolan to be sacked

Coleen Nolan has upset A LOT of people on Twitter


by Fiona Day |
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ITV bosses are facing calls from viewers to sack Loose Women’s Coleen Nolan following her recent comments on gay marriage.

The TV personality drew comparisons between supporting gay marriage and supporting extremist group ISIS.

The comments came during a discussion about a bakers in Ireland who were found guilty of discrimination after after refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding.

She said: “At the end of the day, if you went in there and two days later they said ‘we don’t want to make your cakes because of our beliefs’, you’d just never go back to that shop and you’d probably say to all your gay friends, ‘don’t go there, they’re anti-gay,’ and boycott it.

“What about if somebody walked in and said I want a cake and I want the whole Islamic State on it and how I support it and how I support them killing our people. Because it’s a business do they have to make it? And if they turn around and say they’re not making it, we’d all applaud it.”

Coleen thinks the bakers had the right to refuse making the cake
Coleen thinks the bakers had the right to refuse making the cake

Viewers were outraged by the comments, with one tweeting: “@NolanColeen Your comment comparing supporting gay rights with ISIS is so offensive, I feel you should issue a public apology.”

Another wrote: “I hope you get fired for that @NolanColeen.”

Shocked viewers continued to voice their concerns, with yet another typing: “Coleen Nolan equates being gay to being a murderous terrorist… I just can’t believe @ITV would allow that.”

Do you think Coleen should face the Loose Women axe?

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