Lord Sugar reveals he used to ‘feel sorry’ for Katie Hopkins…that didn’t last long

And now we all know why he doesn't anymore.

Lord Sugar

by Maria Vallahis |
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Coming from the man who will move to China if Jeremy Corbyn is ever PM, Sir Alan Sugar has admitted he once felt sorry for motormouth Katie Hopkins.

Although this feeling didn't last long.

Talking about a wrap party, Lord Sugar appeared on *This Morning *and told hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby: "I was at the wrap party where she had made no friends amongst the other candidates there.

"All the others were talking, and she was just standing on her own. I looked and thought 'oh dear' so I went over and had a chat with her because I felt a bit sorry for her being isolated and everybody had decided not to talk to her."


But now, Lord Sugs revealed there is no love between himself and the former *Apprentice *star.

It's no secret the pair have had many disputes in the past.

And most recently one over Katie's comments about Cilla Black.

Last month, Katie sparked outrage after mocking celebrities who paid tribute to Cilla Black's death.

And Lord Sugar was not going to keep his mouth shut and told Katie exactly how he felt.

After Katie claimed that celebs simply "rush to gush" when someone passes away, Lord Sugar told Katie to "shut up".

Upon hearing the news that Lord Sugar once felt sorry for her, Katie posted on her Twitter account about the story.

"Let me guess @Lord_Sugar ...do you a) feel sorry for me or b) need to promote The Apprentice again. Come on, fess up."

What do you think of all this? Do you feel sorry for Katie Hopkins? Or for everyone else who has to endure her?

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