Why Lorraine Kelly will NEVER have Katie Hopkins on her TV show

The TV host explained why K-Hop will NEVER be joining her on the sofa

by Lauren Smith |
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Lorraine Kelly seems like one of the nicest celebs there is. If we worked at ITV, we'd go to her with our problems and talk it out over a cup of tea.

So it should come as little surprise that the TV host has admitted she wouldn't be able to handle deliberately controversial and outspoken columnist Katie Hopkins if she ever came on her show,* Lorraine*.

She told the Daily Star she hopes Hopkins never appears on her show - because she wouldn't be able to contain her anger.

"People are usually there to promote something, so they're always OK. Certainly with me, I've never had any nonsense.

"But with Katie Hopkins, now there is someone I'm not sure I could be nice to. I think that's where I'd draw the line there."

She added:

"When people come on my show I treat them with the respect I would expect in return. But there are always exceptions. I don't want to ask her on."

Blimey. If even TV's nicest lady can't handle you - something's clearly gone VERY wrong.

Katie's latest outspoken moment was about the Protein World ad controversy, when she tweeted:

"Chubsters, quit vandalising @ProteinWorld ads & get your a**s running on the road. Feminism isn't an excuse for being FAT. #EatLessMoveMore"

Looks unlikely she'll be chatting about the Protein World drama from the comfort of Lorraine's sofa.

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