Woah! Lottie Tomlinson is rocking rainbow roots and we’re mesmerised

It’s My Little Pony chic. Yes!

Louis Tomlinson and his sister Lottie

by Georgina Terry |
Published on

Lottie Tomlinson, sister of Louis, is rocking a whole new hair look and we are both fascinated and intrigued.

It’s rainbow roots and it is a thing of wonder and delight. See?

We hear that Lottie created the look with the help of Bleach, the East London salon credited with bringing dip-dye to the mainstream.

We’re all for it!

It looks like a disco in your hairline. Which can only be a good thing.


Lottie, who has 2.1million followers on Instagram, launched a beauty tutorial channel on YouTube this year showing fans how to create a variety of looks including mermaid eyes and glitter lips.

Maybe a rainbow roots tutorial is on the way too.

Rainbow roots for all!

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