Louis Smith has been turned into a human Wi-Fi spot: we’re not sure what’s happening to humanity either

What is going on, life?

Louis Smith

by Rosie Gizauskas |
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Louis Smith has many a sideline business enterprise. He might be an Olympian, but he won’t let that small appendage stop him from getting his kit off and thrusting his muscles in your face for COLD HARD CASH.

He’s done adverts for Subway, and is basically a walking advert for lurrrve and stuff with girlfriend Lucy Mecklenburgh, what with all those cheesy selfies they subject us to.


And now? To be honest, we can’t quite believe that we’re writing these words: Louis has been turned into a human Wi-Fi spot.

This is something that has happened, that is now on the Internet forevermore, and can only be described by the word “mindboggling”.

Apparently, this is a representation of "human Wi-Fi"

Louis and some other lads do some tumbles and jumps and stuff around Brighton beach to, er, represent that they ARE human Wi-Fi.

And Louis has a comment, too!

“I love having Wi-Fi at the beach,” he says, and you can bloody well tell that he means it, too.

“I’m always taking selfies and pictures and sending them back home to my girlfriend and making everyone jealous.”

Look, guys, he’s referencing Lucy Mecklenburgh whilst doing an O2 advert. Two birds, one stone. CLEVER.

Now, it’s not like we hate having Wi-Fi at the beach, but it’s also not something we’re that bothered about. Like, take your photo and upload it later on and get on with enjoying your time sat on some cold, damp pebbles while you try to pretend it’s still summer, like the rest of us, Louis.

And that sound that you hear in the distance behind your colleague slurping their tea? That it is humanity beginning to implode on itself.

Thanks for that, Louis.

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