EXCLUSIVE: Louis Theroux reveals the weirdest thing a fan has EVER said to him

We weren't expecting this

louis theroux

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Speaking at Festival of Marketing, legendary film and documentary maker Louis Theroux - who has a new documentary series called Altered States coming out in November - sat down with heatworld to reveal the weirdest thing a fan has ever said to him.

And trust us, it's pretty up there in terms of boldness.

The event where the weird exchange happened took place in a book shop in Oxford (lol). Louis told heatworld, "Well, I was once signing books in Oxford and two fans came and got their books signed. And then they took their tops off and they were topless. They said, 'we want you to sign our breasts now'". Well, we weren't expecting that...

He continued, "This was in 2005, and to my slight shame, I was a bit embarrassed and I thought that my being embarrassed made them feel embarrassed."

louis theroux

Looking back on this moment, Louis said, "really I would just like to say thank [to those two women] for doing that because it probably took some courage and there’s no harm in that."

Speaking about other weird and wonderful things fans have done to show their love for Louis, the documentary maker said, "some people do have tattoos of me on their legs – I like it." Now that's what we call a SUPER Louis Theroux fan (aka us). That's something we would definitely be on board with doing. <3

"I think the first time I heard about [people getting my face tattooed on them] I was surprised, but I’m quite happy about it. I’d like to see more of it," Louis joked. We won't lie, we're tempted...

Louis Theroux's new documentary series Altered States will be available on BBC Two on November 4th.

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