Louis Tomlinson and James Arthur bury the hatchet and party the night away in LA

And took a gr8 selfie

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by Beth Hughes |
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Louis Tomlinson has had a hard time recently following the death of his Mother and split with girlfriend, Danielle Campbell, so we were sooo happy to see him out enjoying himself in LA last night.

But it’s safe to say his choice of partying partner had us questioning what we’d seen.

Was our mind playing tricks on us? Was Instagram playing up and merging selfies?

Let’s all revert our mind back to 2013. James Arthur was fresh out of The X Factor and we could barely go a couple hours without hearing that he’d kicked up yet another storm on Twitter (thank God he’s calmed down because we LOVE him now… the second biggest turn around of the decade, after Justin Bieber of course).

james arthur

As you may remember, one of the arguments happened to be with a fourth (then fifth - ah the good days) member of One Direction and he branded Louis a "little bitch," which OBVS resulted in a whole lot of a hate from furious directioners.

Well, now its 2017. And not only did they upload a selfie together where they both looked pretty fit, but they went out partying and all is good in the world again.

They were pictured out at Hotel Café in LA looking chilled and in high spirits, showing no signs of bad blood at all.

The sighting comes days after James got our hearts racing when he told The Sun newspaper that they were thinking of collaborating. Ahhh enemies to BFF’s and we are BUZZING.


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