Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan ATTACKED by trolls

There's just no escape from the 1D army

Louis Tomlinson Niall Horan

by Jadie Troy-Pryde |
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One Direction might be on a break at the moment, keeping themselves busy with babies and girlfriends (they grow up SO fast), but that doesn’t stop their legions of fans from trying to get a piece of them – even if it's the TINIEST crumb of super boy band biscuit.

Did you see the fan that took pics of Niall while he was ill, sleeping and vulnerable on a plane, while singing You Don't Know You're Beautiful? OK, we MIGHT (definitely) have made up the last bit, but the rest is true.

Massive creepy and invasive points.

But Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan have decided enough is enough after trolls have been bombarding them with WhatsApp messages.

Hawk-eyed fans (who would make great journalists, TBF) managed to track down the boys' numbers and have been messaging them so much that the pair are getting ready to change their digits.

Louis kicked it off, writing on Twitter: "Time to change my number … getting some disgusting stuff on whatsapp … Losers !"

Louis Tomlinson whatsapp

Before getting the chance to go into too much detail about what these "losers" were saying to him, Niall chimed in to lend a hand of social media support for his mate. Cute.

Niall Horan

"Me too mate . Horrific Some of the things people are saying . [sic]" he agreed.

Seriously though, where are all these people getting their actual numbers from – is there a catalogue of One Direction contacts that we don't know about?

Louis, ever the LOL machine, then suggested that they team up to take on the trolls by – wait for it – having an epic rap off.

"@NiallOfficial maybe we should challenge them to a rap battle and destroy them in 64 bars ? [sic]"

Although the idea was born from your distress, this may just be the best thing we've heard ALL DAY and heat are fully supportive of this venture, boys.

Especially if you get us on the guest list.

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