Louis Tomlinson pleads with One Direction fans: ‘Why do you throw stuff at us at gigs?’

The boys are often whacked in the head, or balls, with objects

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When you’re in the biggest boyband in the world and you’re leaping around the stage trying to entertain your adoring fans, taking a hit to the balls from a flying shoe is less than ideal.

Luckily, One Direction star Louis Tomlinson’s man bits are still fully functioning, as recently proven when he impregnated stylist Briana Jungwirth.

However, despite being in good working order, the singer is desperate to know why his band’s fans launch items at them at their gigs.

Speaking on Australia radio station KIIS 1065 Sydney’s Kyle and Jackie O Show, he said: “It’s something that interests me.

“I’d love to ask a few of the people who are throwing stuff what’s going on really, because you’ve gone to the gig and you’re like, ‘Oh, I’m looking forward to seeing these lot,’ and the next minute you know you’re throwing really hard objects at their head.

“All our concerts are pretty chaotic and normally it’s only water so it’s fine.”

However, Louis and his fellow band members Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Niall Horan might not have any fans left soon – he’s a little worried about not selling enough records due to the release date of their new album Made In The AM being Friday the 13th November and going up against Justin Bieber, who is releasing his new disc on the same day.

Louis said: “I don’t think any of us are superstitious but it’s one of those things isn’t it, Friday the 13th, which adds a bit of extra worry but anyway.

“I think realistically you’re always going to be releasing against another artist. The most important thing for us is the fact that hopefully our fans like the work that we’ve spent so much time on. “It makes it a bit more fun, having the competition there, of course it does.”

GALLERY: All the things One Direction have had thrown at them - ouchie!


All the things One Direction have had thrown at them. Ouchie...

A shoe1 of 6

A shoe

Harry Styles got hit right in the beanbag at a gig in Glasgow last year - and there's even a video clip of it happening. A fan threw her shoe at the stage and Hazza picked it up to admire it. Unhappily, though, its twin came whistling through the air and struck him in the gonads. You can see Harry drop to the floor in absolute shock while his bandmates try to keep the show going. HILARIOUS.

A glo-stick2 of 6

A glo-stick

It's a wonder the 1D lads don't have permanently neon-splashed ankles with their audience members' predilection for throwing glo-sticks up on stage.

Harry's fist3 of 6

Harry's fist

Yeah. Harry decided to give Liam Payne a friendly pat on the old scrote during a demonstration of his handstand skills. Mean Harry. Too mean.

Liam's microphone4 of 6

Liam's microphone

Don't worry - Liam got his own back at a different gig by thumping Hazza between the legs with his mic. Revenge: a dish best served both cold and very, very publicly.

Underpants5 of 6


Maaaan - boybands get all the best freebies. We imagine 1D will NEVER experience the panic of laundry day where every single item of underwear is either buried deep in the washing basket or slowly rotating round and round in the machine, tantalisingly close yet with a 90-minute cycle still to go before you can be reunited with them. Just look at how many pairs of pants the boys get chucked at them on stage. So jel.

Tampons6 of 6


You know how it is. You're at the best gig of your life, seeing the one band you've sworn everlasting love to just rocking out on stage. You need to remember this night for the rest of your time on this green Earth, so you root through your bag for something, anything, that might touch Harry's face. You pull out a banana. Nah - too mushy. Your phone? But then how will you let all your Twitter followers know what you're up to… Aha! Tampons! Of course - so sweetly wrapped, so small, yet big enough to make an impact.

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