Did Louis Tomlinson post THIS picture of baby Freddie to prove he’s not a doll?

There's been wild speculation his two-month-old son is fake

louis tomlinson

by Emmeline Saunders |

It's been a tough week for Louis Tomlinson, what with the rumours surrounding his relationship with Harry Styles moving up a notch, and his latest move may just break the internet.

Because if you've been online any time in the last year, you'll know there are huge amounts of doubt over Louis' baby boy, Freddie Reign Tomlinson, and his relationship with the baby's mother, Briana Jungwirth.

Louis Tomlinson Briana Jungwirth baby boy

Since being born on 21 January 2016, certain elements of the Directioners fandom have speculated about the circumstances of Freddie's arrival.

According to a sub-section of Larry Stylinson fans, little Freddie doesn't actually exist. He's either been photoshopped into images of Louis, or… he's a doll. One of those creepy life-like ones that occasionally pop up on a This Morning special.

So did Louis post this snap of his son to Instagram to calm the #Babygate frenzy? The infant in this picture certainly looks more like a baby than a doll to us.

One of the main criticisms Babygaters have about every picture posted of Freddie so far is that his hands always seem to be in the same position – as a doll's would be.

You can see it here:


And here:

But the latest Louis photo shows Freddie looking much more lively, with his hands in completely different positions from earlier snaps.

Hmm. What do you think of #Babygate? Let us know over on Twitter.

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