Are Louise Thompson and Alik Alfus from Made In Chelsea getting married?

Because that feels like a really good idea…

Alik Alfus Louise Thompson

by Georgina Terry |

Rush out and buy a hat and polish your dancing shoes: Louise Thompson off *Made In Chelsea *has announced that she’s planning to get married!

In 2017!

She just doesn’t know who to yet.

But surely SHOUTY Alik Alfus is the only candidate, right? RIGHT?

“I aim to get married in 2017,” Louis told The Sun.

“So if it doesn’t work out with Alik I haven’t got much time left."

Oh. That bodes well for their relationship.

And getting married next year isn’t the only milestone Louise has planned out.

“I’m thinking first child at 30…

“I want to have a brood of five. Four boys, one girl.”

Because that is definitely the way the sex of children is determined: sheer willpower.

Louise is currently trying to decide whether to move to New York to be with Alik, and he’s given her a three-month time limit to make a decision.

“He’s never going to move back here which is really depressing because he has a business that he has to take over, over there, so that really is his priority,” said Louise.

“It’s almost like I’m waiting for something really bad to happen here to force me to move, because I’m just too content and settled.”

Call us old romantics in the mould of Stephanie Davis or similar, but if they loved each other enough to get married, wouldn’t Alik drop his business responsibilities or Louise her *Made In Chelsea *commitments to be together?

Maybe Louise should be looking elsewhere for Mr Thompson. Just so long as she doesn’t start making eyes at Spencer Matthews again. That’s (pretty much) all we ask.

Made In Chelsea returns at 9pm on Monday April 11 on E4.

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