Hang on – is Louise Thompson leaving Made in Chelsea?

And where is her story going? Rilly?

Louise Thompson

by Georgina Terry |
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In case you missed it, or just aren’t into watching the tangled love lives of toffs who really don’t know they're born half the time, Made in Chelsea is back for an incredible tenth series next week.

Diminutive star Louise Thompson will be appearing in the upcoming run, but is she leaving after that to spend more time in New York with boyfriend Alik Alfus of the penchant for rosé and very shouty voice?


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    No, she is not.

    Louise addressed the rumours that she was quitting the show and said: “I’m really, really happy doing this and hanging out with everyone. I'm in a really good place and I love the show.

    "If I were ever to go I would never actually quit or leave the show, because I love it. So it would always be open for me to come back, like if I was to move to New York I would like to be able to come back and film or Skype.

    “I don’t want to part ways until I know 100% what I want to do in my future."

    "Plus Binky's adamant that I don't go to New York and leave," she told RadioTimes.com.

    Aw, the old Binky excuse.

    Hang on – does this mean that Binky didn’t fight for Francis Bouille, our one true love to stay in the show?

    Bloody Binky. We’ve gone right off her now.

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