Louise Thompson appears to slam MIC newbies on Twitter

‘fame hungry hoes’

louise thompson

by Polly Foreman |
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A tweet sent from Louise Thompson’s account, which now appears to have been deleted, slammed the new Made In Chelsea cast, referring to them as ‘fame hungry hoes’.

It read: “All the newbies in Made In Chelsea = fam hungry hoes. Bring back the realness”.

louise thompson

The tweet also appears to have been retweeted by Tiffany Watson, apparent in the above screengrab.

She also later tweeted: “No one wants to buy the cow when you get the milk for free ?”, though it’s unclear what she’s referring to.

In Monday’s episode of Made In Chelsea: Ibiza, there was some tension between Louise, Tiffany and Mimi Bouchard – as Mimi was getting Louise’s brother Sam Thompson, who Tiff was on a break with.

In the episode, Tiff also referred to her as a ‘dumpling’ during a heated argument, and she has since apologised for bodyshaming.

She wrote: “Definitely do not agree with or condone body shaming but in the heat of the moment we all say things out of anger. X”.


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