Love Island’s Alex Bowen accused of sending dick pics to other women

Presumably they looked at it in wide screen

Love Island

by Georgina Terry |
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The whole world and his wife have probably seen Alex Bowen from Love Island's ALLEGED peen by now.

And if you haven't, you can look at his frankly enormous penisright now.

Enough to make your eyes water, isn't it?

Alex has neither confirmed nor denied that the penis in question is his, but either way it's a peen to be proud of.

However, Alex and his Love Island love, Olivia Buckland, have discovered that there's a definite downside to having pictures purporting to be of your peen circulating: Alex has been accused of sending his dick pic to other women.

Love Island Alex Olivia

"@ab_bowen07 @OliviaDBuck do u care he is sending dick pics to other women? If not you're stupid and need your head checked," a Twitter used told the pair.

Which doesn't seem very friendly.

Alex was quick to refute the claim, saying: "@HollyMadisonxox @OliviaDBuck silly little girls on Twitter who have no clue jog on."

Olivia put in a word too, saying: " @HollyMadisonxox @ab_bowen07 thought I'd make your day boo boo. Give you something else to talk about"

It's sweet that they're still taking the time to reply to the public, isn't it?

Alex and Olivia's relationship seems to be going great guns since they came second on the show.

Love Island - Alex and Olivia

They've publicly talked about moving in together, and Alex even seems to have agreed to marry Olivia. Blimey, hope we get an invite.

Meanwhile, even possession of the BIGGEST PENIS IN CHRISTENDOM (possibly) doesn’t mean that Alex is completely secure about his body, poor love. It looks mighty fine from where we're sitting, mind.

M-I-G-H-T-Y fine.

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