Are Love Island’s Alex and Olivia moving in together?

Well this is a big step

Alex and Olivia LOVE ISLAND

by Hannah Mellin |
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Love Island's Alex Bowen and Olivia Buckland are currently at that stage in a relationship where the only REAL worry should be about remembering to leave a toothbrush at each other's house.

And having lots of sex. Not too much though, we've seen the size of Alex's peen and it looks PAINFUL.

Surely they aren't thinking of moving in together already? Oh how love works in very mysterious ways.

It seems like Alex and Olivia really are besotted with each other, especially as Alex has made the decision to up sticks (he's from Birmingham) and MOVE to Essex to be with his beau.

And Olivia is absolutely buzzin.

We would be too, TBH. Alex really has it all: charisma, drive, a pretty ENORMOUS willy.

So are they moving in together? Or is Alex getting his own pad? Neither have addressed the rumours that suggest that they're planning to be roomies, so it may be likely.

We think little Olivia, a self-confessed sensitive soul, could really do with a dose of happiness.

Addressing a mad few months, Olivia got a little emosh on social media the other day.

After tweeting that she hoped she could 'sleep off this horrible mood', Olivia wrote a lengthy post on her Insta.

"I am an emotional little soul as you all know; I found the love of my life and I also found a whole new life of change and hard moments. Truly know the hard moments will blossom into the best memories and just need to keep going and keep being strong for myself, my friends, my family and my boyfriend. Thank you so much for your continued support and amazing comments. You're the ones keeping me sane."

Meanwhile, Alex is sad that he isn't as hench as he once was. Sad times.

Why can't we find a love like theirs?

You can fill that Love Island shaped hole with ALL the Celebrity Big Brother GOSS?

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