Love Island’s Craig Lawson throws shade at his ex and denies claims he ditched his children to appear on the show

He said, "she's just a bitter ex-girlfriend" :o

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by Joanna Freedman |
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Remember Love Island's Craig Lawson? Yup, we know he was on the show for all of five minutes, but Creepy Craig did his absolute best to make a mark while he was in the villa.

He caught viewers' attention for several reasons. Firstly, because of his resemblance to the legendary rapper, Professor Green, and secondly, thanks to his raaather full on flirting technique… which left a lot to be desired.

But when he wasn't busy following Camilla Thurlow around like a little lamb, it was Craig's dramatic backstory which really grabbed our attention.

ICYMI, his ex-fiancee was FUMING after he supposedly flew off into the Love Island villa without telling his sons, and the whole nation was pretty flabbergasted too. In a speech which could have been ripped from the script of any of our fave soap operas, she said he was "dead" to her... and the Twittersphere begun to panic that Queen Cam was gonna get stuck with a snakey man again…

So when Craig's mum and sister came to his defense, releasing an emotional video in which he can be seen telling his sons EVERYTHING, we were pretty relieved, to say the least.

Oh wait... that is until he was dumped from the villa about ten seconds later.

Poor Camilla, do things ever go her way?

Camilla Love Island
Poor Cam :( (credit: ITV) ©ITV

However, one good thing that's come from Craig's departure is that he can now clear up all the drama with his ex-finacee once and for all.


Speaking to Metro after leaving the island, Craig claimed that his ex's comments say "more about her than [him], and branded her "a bitter ex-girlfriend trying to say nasty stuff".

And on his Instagram, he added: "I didn't "Abandon" my son at all. Before entering Love Island you have to keep everything quiet or you wouldn't be able to enter the villa at all.

"I haven't been with Sian since late last year. Obviously she isn't going to like the fact I went on a show like Love Island and she said what she said, but anyone who knows me knows I care about my children more than anything and nothing will ever change that.

"I'm not going to be bickering back and forth on this as I'm sure it will just become nasty, and I don't want that for anyone involved. But I'll end it all on don't believe everything you hear or read without hearing both sides..."

Ooh, burn.

Talking about his rather…err, forward, seduction technique when trying to woo our girl, Camilla, he also told Metro: ‘It wasn’t nice to hear [about the backlash].

‘But other people are entitled to their own opinions – I had 48 hours to go in there and tell someone how I felt, on the outside it would have taken six months to a year but I didn’t have that time, it’s a short period of time and I was against five strong contenders when it came to the recoupling.

‘I fell for Camilla the same way the nation did, so I understand where they’re coming from, they want to protect her.’

Bless. Is anyone else starting to think that Craig's actually just a bit of a teddy bear? A teddy bear who needs some flirting lessons...

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