WATCH: Kem reveals why he’s blocked from the Love Island WhatsApp group

That's a little bit leaaave it

Love Island's Kem Cetinay

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The Love Island lot have been hanging out together so much since leaving the villa we like to think they're still absolute BFFs. Minus Muggy Mike Thalassitis and Chris Hughes, but that's a whole other story.

So imagine how gutted we were to hear they've all 'muted' winner Kem Cetinay's number and refused to add him back into the WhatsApp group. THE SHADE.

We caught up with Kem as he launched Pizza Hut Restaurants' well snazzy 'remixer' pizza - the 'world's first' playable pizza box to channel your inner David Guetta/dodgy wedding DJ - to get all the goss and find out why his Palma pals are all ghosting him.

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Asked if this year's contestants have a WhatsApp group, Kem told us: "We did, and then I had to get a new number and they haven't added me back in."

Sorry, what? A Love Island group without the winner himself? THIS SIMPLY SHOULDN'T BE ALLOWED.

He added: "I don't know if it's going off as much as it was before. I was the one who was typing all the time. I'm the one everyone gets annoyed with because I'm constantly writing in it. They probably all muted my number.

"But I've got one with Liv, Amber and Chris that we chat in, but everyone's so busy. Do you know what? It's literally just me. I must get on their nerves, I'm the one always putting stuff in there. I'm on my phone too much."

Oh every WhatsApp group's got one, hasn't it? If yours hasn't, have you ever considered it might be you? Hmm?

Watch our chat with Kem below:

On the topic of Pizza Hut Restuarants' fancy af new launch Gareth Hopley, Head of Communications, says: "We’re constantly experimenting with our collection boxes and looking at ways to create something new, unique and exciting for our diners to have some fun with.

"We know our playable pizza box DJ decks were a big hit with our guests last year, and wanted to look at ways to build our DJ range for 2017."

Wanna share your creations? Don't forget to share 'em on Twitter with @PizzaHutUK and #PizzaHutRemixer.


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