Love Island’s Malin Andersson hits Terry Walsh RIGHT WHERE IT HURTS


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by Georgina Terry |
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Malin Andersson may have been booted out of the Love Island villa but she's walked straight into our hearts as the undoubted queen of sass.

Malin has been mugged right off by her show boyfriend Terry Walsh who waited a respectful couple of hours (pretty much) before attempting to couple up with Tom Howell's ex-girlfriend Emma-Jane Woodward.

Marlin wrestled back control of the situation and took to Twitter, saying, magnanimously:

But Malin seems to have decided that the time for Ms Nice Girl is over and has hit Terry right where it hurts.


"She can touch Terry's small willy, it's okay," Malin said, talking about Emma-Jane on her Snapchat.

"They don't want to rub it in anyone's face," she said, incredulously, speaking of Terry and Emma-Jane's laughable attempt to keep their on-the-telly relationship on the down low.

Love Island Terry

"Um, I think I might be watching you. I think you're rubbing it in my face a bit."

And Malin's not the only one to have gone right off Tel.

Charlotte Crosby, our Geordie princess, has also tweeted her disapproval of yo-yo trunks, saying:

But will Malin get her revenge in person?

Fans have been clamouring to get her back on the show and in Terry's face and she certainly hasn't ruled it out as a possibility, saying, well emojiing:

Can you even imagine it though? Maybe Caroline Flack would even make an appearance to usher Ma back in. We won't hold our breath though.

We're still hoping Javi Shephard gets a second bite at the Love Island cherry. Gone too soon, Javi. Gone too soon.

From the show, like. He's not dead. Stop panicking everyone.

*Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2. *

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