Love Island might be extending its series after smashing Big Brother in ratings battle


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Our gal Caroline Flack promised it was going to be a "long hot summer", but here at heat hq, we're wondering how on earth there's only just over two weeks left of Love Island.

We mean, it feels like only yesterday that Chloe Crowhurst and Kem Cetinay were coupled up (remember that?!), and Montana Brown and Dom Lever were the 'power couple' of the villa… but HERE WE ARE nearing the end of our Love Island journey, with five loved up couples in the villa, a handful of singletons and the final night in sight.

So. Emosh. What will do with our lives when it's over??? (It doesn't bare thinking about.)

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But GOOD NEWS. Because now we can delay that fateful day for a little bit longer. It has been reported that Love Island might actually be extended because it's getting so many viewers.

Yup, that's right. Since it's absolutely DESTROYING Big Brother in their ratings battle, (which pulled in a disappointing 800,000 views on Saturday 1st of July, in comparison to the record breaking 1.8 million that Love Island snagged on Friday the 30th…) producers have admitted they're currently in talks to stretch out the series so that the two shows have to compete on their final night.

The villa was originally supposed to switch off its cameras on the 24th of July, but according to The Daily Star, producers are now reportedly thinking about the fact that if they extend the show until the 27th, it could absolutely hammer Big Brother's final ep.

big bro
Watch out BB...

And that's not all. If they stretched it out another ten days, it could even run up against the Celebrity Big Brother opening night.


This would be disastrous news for BB, who yesterday even admitted that they're considering moving abroad in future series to compete with Love Island. Read more about that here.

In fact, a rep told The Daily Star that if Love Island went ahead and extended their series it would be a "killer blow" for them. Eeek.

Now, we're loyal BB fans too... but we'd be lying if we said the prospect of another ten days of Love Island didnt get us SUPER excited.

Nothing's set in stone yet... but if you're reading this, producers, it's a YES FROM US!

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