Did Love Island’s Mike just CONFIRM that he had sex with Jess?

The saga continues…

Jess and Mike

by Joanna Freedman |
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So, here we are again… still pondering what went down between Jessica Shears and Mike Thalassitis after they left the Love Island villa.

But can you blame us!? WE JUST WANT THE TRUTH!!!!

It’s had barely been an hour since the pair left the set of Love Island Aftersun, where they promised Caroline Flack with teary eyes that “absolutely nothing” went down, when they were spotted partying the night away in London club, Libertine – and there was some SERIOUS PDA.

And to make matters worse… Muggy Mike was seen leaving Jess’s hotel at 5am!


Now, who are we to make accusations? The ex Islanders said it didn’t happen, and frankly we had accepted that we’d never know the deets. That is, until a certain Mr Thalassitis took to Twitter yesterday, and appeared to give the game away…

One Love Island fan tweeted him a meme of a shocked looking man, with the caption, “Mike when Chloe turns up at his door when he’s been banging Jess…” and his response was preeetty revealing.

Yep, Thalassitis quoted the tweet with a crying laughing emoji.

Is this a confirmation?!!

I mean, forgive us if we’re wrong, but it seems a bit odd for Mike to share a tweet which is basically incriminating him…even if it IS just a joke!

Fans were quick to jump on Mike’s tweet, with one replying, “you’ll get people talking sharing this,” and another writing, “ledge Thala!”

Who knows, maybe Mike was finally ready to admit the truth? Or maaaaybe he just slipped up for a second, found the meme funny and accidentally revealed that he HAD done the deed with Jess.

This bombshell comes after an ITV insider told Heat excusively that they were suspicious of Jess and Mike's antics.

"I got the impression from Mike's side that it did happen," they said. "If I found out it happened, I wouldn't be shocked.

Oooh. The plot thickens.

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