Are Love Island’s Nathan and Cara getting their own TV Show?


Nathan and Cara Love Island

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The most loved up and perfect couple of the moment Nathan Massey and Cara de la Hoyde have spoken about getting their own TV Show – and what they said is reaaalllly exciting.

Speaking to heat, Cara said: "we would love that wouldn't we?" and her BF agreed, saying: "of course, why not?"

This comes after basically everyone on Twitter was clamouring for the Love Island winners not to leave the small screen just yet – suggesting their own show would be absolutely perf for them. AND WE AGREE!

Nathan and Cara Love Island

"It would be a great laugh," said Nath, "We've got the minerals for it".

There has been speculation that the Essex couple will indeed be entering the world of TV once more, but in the form of TOWIE rather than their own show.

This is mainly because Nathan is BFFs with Georgia Kousoulou and Tommy Mallet (HOW DID WE NOT KNOW THIS BEFORE, RIGHT?!) and was tweeting them sweet things like "Excited to see the original power couple 2moz @tommy_mallet @MissGeorgiakx".

And TV connections were clearly at the forefront of the mind when discussing the prospect of his own show. He said: "I'm good friends with Tommy and George so there's a way in there… and it'd be nice, it'd be really good for us"


But before they get started on all that excitement, they're looking forward to doing some distinctly more boring things in the near future – "Nando's" and "cinema dates" (TBF, we'd be looking forward to those things too if we'd just shaken off the cameras filming us 24 hours a day for six weeks).

When pondering the fact that the public want the show, Nathan told us: "It makes me happy that we must have done something right."


Scotty T Chanelle Hayes

And maybe Scotty T could be a guest star? Cara insisted she'd forgiven him for THOSE tweets about her X-rated past. She said: "For me I don't care. I'm sure I'll meet Scotty T and me and Nathan will have a laugh and a drink with him so there's nothing there. I'm not angry or anything like that" – talk about taking the high road, huh?

Love Island: Heading Home airs on ITV2 on Sunday 17th July at 9pm.

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