Love Island’s Rachel Fenton hits back at body shamers


Rachel Fenton

by Polly Foreman |
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For some bizarre reason we can't get our heads around, we live in a world full of people who take pleasure in sitting behind their screens and being rude about the bodies of random people they've never met.

Rachel Fenton

No one is safe from this vile abuse – even the girls from Love Island (seriously).

But Rachel Fenton, who appeared on the last season of the show, has hit back at the trolls and completely DESTROYED them.

She uploaded a rilly cute pic of her and Love Island BF Rykard Jenkins having a cheeky lil snog by the sea in Cyprus –y'know, the kind of pic that most people would look at and be like "OMG GOALZ".

But some people took the time out of their day to attack Rachel's body – commenting that she looked "fat" and "pregnant" – which is literally completely ridiculous.

Rachel responded to the trolls by tweeting a powerful message.

She said: "To those people who are trying to body shame me and say I look fat or pregnant in my recent Instagram picture, here's a quick message,"

"I am not ashamed of my body, and you won't make me feel ashamed.

"I was on a beach with my boyfriend at the weekend and we were happy together.

"That's what the picture shows and that's why I posted it on Instagram. I'm not going to take it down because you feel I am not the right body shape - whatever that means."


And she didn't stop there.

"To those people who posted hurtful, insulting comments I suggest you go away and look at your lives and ask yourselves why you feel the need to make women feel bad about themselves," she wrote.

"Because you are the ones with the problem and I genuinely feel sorry for you.

"I'm saying this on behalf of myself and all those girls who have ever been made to feel bad about their bodies. Because no one should ever be made to feel under pressure about their weight by others! #teamrealwomen."

Her Love Island co-stars Zara Holland and Katie Salmon (both of whom have been subjected to trolling) tweeted support for their pal.

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