Love Island’s Scott gets a bashing from famous brother Adam Thomas over Kady romance

'Am I being mugged off though?'

love island scott thomas

by Hannah Mellin |
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Where IS the Love Island 24/7 coverage? Can someone get that sorted because we'd watch it alllll day long.

In case it wasn't obvious, we are OBSESSED with Love Island this time round. It's everything we're wanted and more. We've had bants, banging and beauty queen drama.

So here are some spoilers for tonight's show, because we know you can't contain your excitement.

Did you know that vest-obsessed Scott Thomas has a pretty famous family? Yep, his brothers Adam and Ryan Thomas are widely known for being on Coronation Street and Emmerdale (and being pretty FIT, TBH).

Thanks to the magic of modern technology, Scott gets to talk to another northerner who isn't Sophie Gradon.

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Guess what they talk about?


You know, the one who argues with Scott day-in day-out, the pocket rocket with the foul mouth, and the girl that Scott just can't shake loose?

love island scott thomas

On the phone to his twin Adam, Scott goes straight in there with: “Honestly bro, am I being mugged off?”


love island scott thomas

Adam then responds: “Nah mate, honestly everyone is so proud of you.

"Listen, the only thing is right from the outside looking in I think you need to man up. She's playing games, man, and treating you like a mug bro."

Nothing like a bit of family support, eh?

What will Scott do now? Argue some more. Probably.

Catch more Love Island tonight at 9pm on ITV2


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