Love Island’s Tom Powell faces AWKS grilling over Sophie Gradon

TBF some of the questions were pretty difficult

Sophie Gradon Love Island

by Georgina Terry |
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Who were the winners of Love Island?

If you said Nathan Massey and Cara De La Hoyde,you are wrong Wrong WRONG. Well, in all but the actual sense.

We strongly believe that the real winner of Love Island was Sophie Gradon and by extension her beau Tom Powell.


But is Tom a worthy holder of her affections?

The two took part in a Mr and Mrs style quiz today and bits of it were pretty AWKS.

Sophie Gradon and Tom Powell pretty 52

'What colour are Sophie's eyes?' was one of the fiendishly tough questions set by Pretty 52 in a Facebook live chat.

"Sophie's eye colour? This is a total guess," quivered Tom.

Maybe if he'd spent more of the five weeks they were in the villa together gazing into Sophie's eyes, and less gazing moodily into the middle distance, he would have been more sure of his answer.

He did get it right in the end, mind. Although if we were cynical we might suggest he simply chose the most common denominator.

One thing the pair could agree about was what caused the most disagreements between them: "Tom's moods, holy shit," said Sophie.

And Tom agreed, despite originally positing "anything, f*cking anything" as his response.

And as for what Tom would save from a fire?

"His bronzer," reckoned our Soph.

How terribly modern.

It's thought that Tom's new tattoo, a butterfly on his hand, might be a tribute to Sophie.

Apparently, Adam Maxted referred to Sophie as transforming into a Geordie butterfly after she left the show but we have literally no memory of that happening and Adam has been acting like a bit of a twit since leaving the show, so… probably not, is our guess.

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