Loved-up celebrity #usies are the new #selfies – are they sweet or smug?

Forget #selfies! Celebrity couples give us #usies! Yep, really.

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by Olivia Cooke |
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Celebrity couple selfies - now called "usies

abbey and peter.png1 of 22

abbey and peter.png

Abbey and Peter

charlotte and mitch.png2 of 22

charlotte and mitch.png

Charlotte and Mitch

ciara and future.png3 of 22

ciara and future.png

Ciara and Future

ferne and charlie.png4 of 22

ferne and charlie.png

Ferne and Charlie

gaga and taylor.png5 of 22

gaga and taylor.png

GaGa and Taylor

jay and bey.png6 of 22

jay and bey.png

Jay Z and Beyonce

jess and eric.png7 of 22

jess and eric.png

Jess and Eric

joey and amy.png8 of 22

joey and amy.png

Joey and Amy W

jordin and jason.png9 of 22

jordin and jason.png

Jordin and Jason

justin selena.png10 of 22

justin selena.png

Justin and Selena

katie and kieran.png11 of 22

katie and kieran.png

Katie and Kieran

kelly and david.png12 of 22

kelly and david.png

Kelly and David

kim and kanye.png13 of 22

kim and kanye.png

Kanye and Kim

lena and man.png14 of 22

lena and man.png

Lena and Jack

marcus and robin.png15 of 22

marcus and robin.png

Marcus and Robin

mark and michelle.png16 of 22

mark and michelle.png

Mark and Michelle

natalee and twin.png17 of 22

natalee and twin.png

The Valley's Natalee and Anthony

nph and husband.png18 of 22

nph and husband.png

Neil Patrick Harris and husband, David

rochelle and marvin.png19 of 22

rochelle and marvin.png

Rochelle and Marvin

sam and joey.png20 of 22

sam and joey.png

Sam and Joey

shakria and man.png21 of 22

shakria and man.png

Shakira and Gerard

snooki and man.png22 of 22

snooki and man.png

Snooki and Jionni

Selfies are officially old news now. It’s all about the usie – the perfect way for celebrities to let the world to know how loved-up they are. What’s an usie you ask?

Well, as you can see from our gallery it’s two adorably happy/annoying smug (depending in your point of view) celebrities flaunting their perfect relationship over social media.

Unfortunately, for the usie taker what’s posted on the Internet is often more permanent than their romance. Still, they make for some pretty pictures, if you like looking at snaps of people snogging.

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