Luisa Zissman dubs Protein World critics ‘bra burning feminists’ as she becomes their ambassador

The former Apprentice star has signed up to promote the controversial weight loss brand

Luisa Zissman

by Laurence Mozafari |
Published on

If you’ve been anywhere near the internet over the last few days you’ll have seen the backlash that’s appeared against Protein World’s adverts, which ask “are you beach body ready?” next to a very trim lady in a bikini. Now Luisa Zissman has been confirmed as their ambassador for the brand.

Speaking to The Mirror, Luisa said: “I personally think the controversy surrounding protein world is the extreme feminist brigade letting off some bra burning steam once again.

“Protein world is a healthy way to gain the much longed for summer body, that many women & men diet and exercise for.”

Luisa took part in a special shoot with her Celebrity Big Brother housemate, Sam Fairers. The TOWIE star posed in a yellow bikini identical to the ones in the controversial adverts.

Luisa continued: “I have previously starved & extremely exercised to look beach body ready, and now with a proper exercise regime that protein world helped me devise & drinking slender blend shakes I am strong, fit, toned and healthy.

“I'm not underweight or overweight I'm a healthy 27 year old. I think protein world promote a healthy body image. People need to learn that exercising and eating well supplemented with a product like protein world is a good thing.”

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