Former Made In Chelsea star Andy Jordan: ‘I wish I hadn’t done it’

Aw, Andy. We don't regret seeing you on the show.


by Georgina Terry |
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Former *Made In Chelsea *cast mate Andy Jordan says he regrets ever doing the show.


The top toff totty, who is pursuing a career in music now, wishes that his guitar had lead him to fame rather than his fit face and way with a navy jumper.

"In hindsight I wish I hadn’t done it the way I have, I wish I had never gone on [Made In Chelsea] at all.

"When I left TV I didn’t really want to be on TV, I just wanted to write music," he told The Sun.

Andy apparently left the show in 2016 but honestly? We hadn't noticed. We just thought they were saving him up for a spectacular entrance later this series and now we feel so naïve.

But would Andy ever go down the TV route to boost his music career?

Not on your nelly.

"I would never do X Factor," he said.

Which is possibly quite sensible. The Voice is the only choice for people who are already famous.

Although *The X Factor *worked out for Rylan Clark-Neal who had previously appeared in Signed By Katie Price #neverforget.

Think on, Andy. Think on.

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Andy Jordan.

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