Made in Chelsea’s Frankie Gaff tells heatworld about her relationship with Jamie Laing

And gives us some summer beauty tips

Frankie Gaff

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Made in Chelsea series 13 (13!!! We feel v old right now) ended a few weeks ago, and it's safe to say it was probably one of the most dramatic yet. Seriously, daaaahling.

There were break-ups - Olivia Bentley and Fitlord Fredrik Ferrier called it quits after that whole Mimi Bouchard debacle -, baby bumps and a whole load of bitchy backstabbing and cheating scandals. Not to mention the obligatory MIC awkward silences and meaningful stares across the Thames.

One main focal point of this latest series was Frankie Gaffand Jamie Laings, erm, tumultuous relationship.

We found out Frankie had been a little bit naughty over Christmas, and then Jamie dropped a big ol' bombshell about new girl Tina Stinnes.

We caught up with Frankie to hear her side of the story and find out what on earth is going on with their relationship. Oh, and as it's summer and we wouldn’t mind looking a bit like the MIC babe as we swan around various glamorous locations across the globe, we found out about Frankie's summer beauty regime too.

Here ya go, guys and gals

How did you find filming the last series of Made in Chelsea? It was quite dramatic…

It was quite a hard series, with all the stuff to do with me and Jamie. But It was also really fun at the same time, being with my friends and stuff.

The worst moment was that thing with Jamie and Daisy [Robins].

Like who to believe, obviously, I don't know Daisy very well.

Daisy presented Frankie with pictures of what looked like Jamie kissing another girl in the club.

How are things with Jamie? All OK?

Yeah, they are really good. We went on a really nice holiday to Dubai together just after [last series]. Which was really, really nice and relaxing. And now we're in Ibiza with all our friends.

And what about Daisy. Are you on friendly terms or are you steering clear of her?

No, no we are absolutely fine. I don't think anything was done in a malicious way. Maybe she saw something was wrong [about the kiss], or something. Me and her are absolutely fine.

What would be the final straw for you and Jamie? When you think you've had enough and can't deal with it anymore?

I don’t know. I am actually quite tough on him.

I feel like now, we go to places where girls sometimes meet him, but it's fine, we fluctuate.

Right now I feel quite strong. It's hard because, obviously, we are in a good place now, but if there's anything missing and he knows about it, that would be the final straw.

Is he on his best behaviour at the moment?

Yeah, he's great. Really great

Would you consider an organised break up like Tiffany Watson and Sam Thompson?

Personally, I wouldn’t be able to do it. It depends who you are, how strong you are.

I've seen other people do it before and its worked out.

Frankie Gaff

They are very strong so they are okay to do that. I think it’s a good thing for them.

Tiff’s having fun, she's off doing her own thing

How did you find filming with Harry Baron in the last series? Was it awkward after he said he fancied you?

Yeah obviously, I didn't know him that well before he came into our group. He was really good friends with Sam before.

I met him quite recently. I don't know, he's a tricky one. He's one of those guys, sometimes you love him, sometimes you actually hate him.

We've got lots of mutual friends and he's always known to be that flirty guy. Things could get pretty awkward.

So, we need some tips for summer. What's your beauty routine?

I have got extensions so I need to be careful with looking after my hair because extensions can damage your hair and, obviously, I get it highlighted. Hairburst and the Hairburst Mulberry Silk pillow are really good for keeping the ends of my hair well-conditioned.

I've noticed a difference with my skin, too. I get really dry skin and oily hair as well, and the pillow locks in moisture. I've taken it to Dubai and Ibiza.

In terms of beauty I am a massive face mask person. I'm obsessed, they are amazing.

What about makeup? Do you have a go to item that you wouldn't leave the house without?

These are the items that if I had forgotten I would freak out a lot. I have the Charlotte Tilbury lip WonderGlow primer. I can't put makeup on without it.

And the Benefit Are They Real Mascara in Brown – those are the things I can't live without.

What about for the summer, or for festivals? Do you change your makeup look for that?

I am not a massive makeup person at all. I actually love being on holiday because I can get away with basically wearing none. Instead of wearing foundation I go for a tinted moisturiser. The Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser I absolutely love. And I normally switch from a black mascara to a brown mascara.

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