Why did Made In Chelsea’s Stephanie Pratt calling Binky Felstead a bitch on Twitter?

Simmer down news now, and Stephanie Pratt has just blasted Made In Chelsea co-star Binky Felstead on Twitter for words they've had over Spencer Matthews.

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by Emmeline Saunders |
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If you saw last night's episode, you'll know that Binky took back cheating ex Alex Mytton before finding out he'd got with at least three other girls during their relationship and promptly dumping him - but loads of people have criticised Stephanie for saying Binky was stupid to trust him.

A few of her followers pointed out that Steph herself had partially forgiven a cheating ex - by hooking up with Spencer Matthews in Venice, which we found out about in last week's MIC episode.

Although Stephanie promised she and Spencer had only kissed, Binky's tweets cast doubt on Steph's version of the story.

Binky tweeted back: "Was it just a kiss?"

Steph replied: "Errr ya! ask your friend who's bed she slept in that night... I woke up next to Lucy! #itwasjustaf*ckingkiss!"

OOH! Who could this 'friend' be - Louise Thompson? Or Emma Miller?

Our money's on Louise, as she and Spenny were getting pretty close in Venice. Even though she's TOTALLY over Spencer, as you'll recall because she's always going on about how over Spencer she is. Even when she's under him.

Anyway, Binky responded by tweeting "lol............" and then all hell broke loose.

Steph followed that up by writing, "its a full on twitter war lol".

Binky, whose autobiography My Life In Chelsea is out now, has been keeping quiet about what's going on between her and Alex in real life, but next week's episode will see her slapping him HARD around the face for cheating on her numerous times.


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