Made In Chelsea’s Sam Thompson releases SHOCKING video about Louise

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Made In Chelsea’s Sam Thompson first came into the show in 2013 and was swiftly portrayed as Louise’s (very) annoying little brother.

She had just broken up with SW1’s bad boy, Spencer Matthews (who, btw, learnt how to have sex from his mate's mum, apparently), and started getting it on with Andy Jordan – although he just dumped her because she apparently cheated on him a load of times and she was pretty much all 'IDGAF'.

Meanwhile, Sam was running around trying to get a date from literally anyone.

Remember when he tried to woo Fran with the most awkward date poem we've ever heard? In the history of Made In Chelsea, it comes out top three of most cringe moments.

And that’s beating off some excellent competition.

However, Sam has definitely come into his own recently.

And mostly because he has been posting some absolutely jokes things about Louise and her boyf, Ryan Libbey.

You may have seen that Sam starting trolling his sister a few weeks back, when he decided to borrow her clothes for his own sassy photoshoots.

So good.

Then Louise and her hunk Ryan headed off on the world’s longest holiday, and the couple have been posting non-stop pictures of their abs, their tans, their beach times, their abs, their fun in the sun, and their abs.

Did you realise they had so many abs?

We could literally draw you a perfect picture of their ripped bods just from their Instagrams alone.

So what did annoying brother Sam do?

He posted a picture from behind the scenes of these paradise pics – and revealed that, actually, Louise and Ryan had brought a photographer and lighting guy on holiday with them to make sure their Insta pics were spot on.


Then proceeded to take the piss out of all of their loved up snaps.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Sam went one step further and subtitled this movie to show his frustration at the whole ridiculous situation.

We can’t even explain. You’ll just have to watch it here:


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