Madonna exposes 17-year-old fan’s boob on stage

Madge could face an assault charge for her actions

madonna boob

by Anna Lewis |
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Madonna shocked her fans last night by exposing a 17-year-old girl’s boob after she invited her up on stage with her.

Madge was performing in Brisbane, Australia, as part of her Rebel Heart tour when the incident happened.

The 57 year old invited Josephine Georgiou to join her on stage, before telling the audience: "She's the kinda girl you just wanna slap on the ass.”

Madonna then yanked Josephine’s woman's top down, before immediately apologising: "Oh sh*t, I'm sorry, sexual harassment."

She then continued: "You can do the same to me if you like... you want to make my hole big again?" and gestured to her privates.

Madge could now face legal action over her behaviour – according to Australian law it is a crime to commit "indecent assault” – touching someone indecently without their consent.

But Josephine has said she doesn’t think the incident is such a big deal.

She told the Courier Mail: “Only I get to decide if I’m humiliated or not – why would people assume I am humiliated by my own breast, nipple or body?

“I didn’t realise my boob was such a big deal - it was nothing to me,” she added.

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