Madonna’s album plans unravel as accidentally-released tracks drop out of iTunes top 100

You’re still Queen of Pop to us, Madge

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by Gwendolyn Smith |
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The six tracks released after a viral leaking of Madonna’s latest album have suffered a dramatic dip in sales after being out for only a week.

The tracks were released after 13 unfinished songs from the singer’s new album, Rebel Heart, were illegally distributed before Christmas.

But while the songs originally jumped to the top of the iTunes chart, they quickly plummeted out of the top 100, with the star’s collaboration with Nicki Minaj – Bitch I’m Madonna - at the highest position of number 188.

The disappointing sales have sparked concern around the album’s planned release next March – it’s currently at number 38 in iTunes pre-orders and a more nerve-racking 167 on Amazon.

Still, given the fact Madge has managed to reign over the charts for the past three decades, we’re hoping she’s not being too hard on herself.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’ll just be racing off to bulk buy Rebel Heart with all of the Christmas dosh we can scrabble together.

Listen to Madonna's new track, Living For Love, here!

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