Madonna’s boobs, Katie Hopkins goes to war and Kourtney Kardashian naked – it’s Points of You

Remember that show Points of View? We've done that, but with celebrity stories and comments from the mad, mad internet. Here's our round-up of our favourite comments on this week's celebrity news


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Total Syco

So Simon Cowell made a comment about Cheryl Fernandez-Versini putting on weight when she was on American Idol. Then she said he should've learnt not to talk about a woman's weight. Then he insisted they were all friends and it as totally fine.



Unfortunatly alumette wasn't buying what Simon was selling.

Katie vs. Katie

A bit like Kramer vs. Kramer, but not totally heartbreaking and totally ridiculous.

Katie Hopkins decided she wanted to have a pop at Katie Price, aka Jordan. Because, yknow, it's a day of the week with a 'y' in it, or something.

Most of you were staunchly on one side or the other... a lot of you sent things like, 'Why is this news?', as always... and a lot of you made a sentence out of words like pot, kettle and black. Which is your right.

But we think this lady has it CRACKED.

We look forward to the day Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Metcalfe totally get into it in a three-way war with Jennifer Ellison for the same reason. When Jessica Wright and Jessica Simpson go for it though, we're ducking for cover. That's gonna be a bad one.

Kerry As Can Be

Kerry Katona was this week forced to defend her marriage to George Kay and insisted it was very much not on the rocks.


Another Kerry, however, had no sympathy.

This definitely isn't true.

Everyone knows wedding cake is gross.

Not this one though, this one is gaw-jus.

Mumthing to tell us Kourtney?

Kourtney Kardashian is famous. So when she's pregnant, she gets naked. Blame Demi Moore...

She looked pretty good, we thought.

Some people though are NEVER satisfied.

The woman took her clothes of FFS.

And this is the response she gets.

Poor Kourtney.


Woman over 30 not embarrassed of her body SHOCK

You know Madonna? Madonna whose boobs have been seen by most people on earth? Madonna who's posed naked loads of times? That Madonna who got her boobs out in a film? You know... the Madonna who released a coffee table book called SEX, in conjunction with her album EROTICA?

Well, you'll never guess... she got her boobs out again this week.

And people are hella mad about it.

It was front page news. We think it must have something to do with her being 56 now, judging by these kind of totally reasonable comments.

And these ones.

Actually, you know what, we bet the one thing Madonna's tried, is commenting on stories online.

A Whole New World... of LOLsome comments

We brought you the news this week that the Amazon purchase site for Katie Price and Peter Andre's album, A Whole New World, had been hacked.

Told ya.

Don't remember it?

Well here you go.

We recommend you spend a few hours on the website yourself, but these are some of our favourites.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, seems a lovely way to end things.

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