Married At First Sight Australia couple announce engagement

This time the Married At First Sight stars are tying the knot for real 💍

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by Samantha Price |

It's official, Married At First Sight Australia stars Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli are getting married... again.

The couple, who met while shooting season six of Married At First Sight Australia back in 2019, announced their engagement in a series of Instagram snaps while looking happier than ever. With Martha showing off her GORGEOUS ring and writing, "Sorry in advance for the spam, but we’re so excited ❤️‍🔥".

Naturally after three years together, they've taken the next step in their relationship by getting remarried -- we mean, married.

Fellow cast member, Melissa Lucarelli commented on the post, "Proposal video? Tell me it’s coming…" with fans quick to agree.

Michael and Martha won over viewers of the show by being one of the only lasting couples on their season.

We can only imagine that the proposal was romantic af, as Michael wasn't exactly shy on the romantic gestures during his time on the show. He wrote on Instagram, "I think she likes it..." with a video of Martha admiring her ring.

Major relationship envy? Um, yes 😍

Their engagement will probably come as no surprise for those who watched the show, especially as the pair ended on a high note. When they were set to renew their vows, Michael even promised to move to Sydney to be with Martha.

Last year, Michael's promise became a reality when they moved into their new apartment together and between all of their Instagram snaps, we watched as their relationship moved from strength to strength.

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Which Married At First Sight Australia couples are still together?

Married At First Sight Australia couples still together
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The couple met way back in season two and are still going strong. The pair prefer to remain out of the spotlight and are happily living together in Melbourne.

Married At First Sight Australia couples still together
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Oh, Cameron and Jules. From the minute Jules and Cam had their first wedding dance without any music, we had an inkling they were in it for the long haul. And we were right! The pair now have a baby together, who was born in October last year, and tied the knot properly after the show. So, yes - sometimes this wild experiment does work.

Married At First Sight Australia couples still together
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Martha and Michael were an extremely drama free pair (in comparison to everyone else) so it's no shock that they have actually managed to stay together. They are now living together in Sydney whilst becoming full-time influencers. Oh, and they're engaged so they will be tying the knot for real very soon.

Married At First Sight Australia couples still together
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Despite Bryce repeatedly putting down Melissa's appearance during the show and more dramatic showdowns than we've had hot dinners - the on-off couple are surprisingly stronger then ever. In fact, they're living together, are officially engaged, have matching tattoos and have just welcomed baby twins.

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Is Married At First Sight scripted?

While it's not necessarily scripted, there's been speculation around whether the matches are made with an intention for couples to find love or just to make good TV.

MAFS Australia's very own Melissa Lucarelli revealed all, "We want to see fights and fall-outs too, or we’re going to turn off the TV."

We can only guess that while it's not scripted, some couples will certainly be matched for a reason... and not always the right ones.

Do the couples on Married At First Sight actually get married?

So, the name of the show is SLIGHTLY misleading as the cast don't actually get legally married.

A spokesperson for the show revealed that they essentially have a wedding party without the whole marriage part.

After the show, however, some make that decision for themselves as we've seen with Martha and Michael. Maybe not so misleading after all?

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